One lucky ticket is all that’s between US Powerball players and a whopping jackpot of $510 MILLION this Saturday (10:59 ET.) The current prize haul sits comfortably inside the top fifty in the all-time US lottery jackpots.

The last draw came on Wednesday night and there was a failure to produce a winner for the top prize. If Saturday’s draw rolls over, the prize amount will equal or exceed the fifth largest in US Powerball history.

American news outlet CNBC recently conducted a survey to ask Powerball players what they would do with the top prize:

  • 86% said they would invest or save the money
  • 33% said they would donate at least half to charity
  • 28% said they would travel the world

What would you do if you won over half a billion dollars?! The possibilities are endless with that amount of money. Although the odds are stacked firmly against winning that grand prize (292,201,338/1 to be exact)… US Powerball pays out for three balls plus the powerball, so you have a great chance at coming away with some kind of payout.

To enter, all you have to do is click here and follow it through to purchase a ticket. Everyone at Casino Magazine wishes you the very best of luck. If you win, keep us in mind!