Casinos are a constant mental battle between the player and the House, most of which you won’t have even noticed upon your last visit. Whether you’re aware of this or not, casinos are systematically designed to prompt a player into staying for as long as possible, and ultimately spending as much money as possible.

Here at Casino Magazine, we can’t stress enough the importance of keeping gambling at a fun and enjoyable level. We have compiled this list of ten casino tips to help players keep that enjoyment factor at the front of their playing experience.

Top 10 Casino Tips

10. Take what you can lose

Before we can go any further we need to get one thing clear from the get-go; you are most likely going to lose at the casino. An immediate mistake is often made when players enter into a casino setting targets on how much money they will take as a profit. You’re setting yourself up for a very quick bout of disappointment, unfortunately. Upon visiting a casino, a player needs to accept that they are going to lose, and decide how much is an acceptable amount of cash to part with.

We recommend visiting a cash machine or ATM prior to your arrival at the casino, and withdrawing a physical cash budget that you can financially afford to part with should you be unsuccessful. Leave your plastic back at home, or in the hotel, so you can’t be tempted into withdrawing more money. Having a limited budget to work with helps you to respect your funds better and value your play time highly.

casino budget


9. Use the restroom

A casino will have a bar area, and that bar area will have comfortable, reclusive seating. Take advantage of it. After a prolonged period of playing it can be very beneficial to take a short break to collect your thoughts and check where you stand with the budget you’ve taken in.

A change of scenery can be quite positive for the mind, especially if it is coupled with a snack and a refreshment. Taking the mind off of the gambling for a short period allows for a clearer conscience and upon doing so, you may realise that you are in fact doing worse against the House than you though. If that’s the case, you then have an opportunity to call it quits on your own terms.

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8. Keep an eye on the time

You will have noticed, upon your most recent trip to a casino, that there are very few indicators of time once you’re inside. If you haven’t visited a casino before, then be prepared. You will find that there are no windows, and this is because the House want their customers to lose track of time. If a player falls into this trap then the night can quickly become a blur and they can spend hours upon hours stuck in a cycle of playing.

To compensate for this, at Casino Magazine we recommend that our users go into a casino with a watch or timepiece that can keep them well connected with how long they have been playing. Quite rightly, many casinos will not allow players to check their phone – especially if they are at the table. So having that time reference will help you stop getting sucked into playing the long game. Try not to spend more than half an hour at any one table.

keeping time

7. Know when to walk away

Persistence is not the key when it comes to casino gambling. The House would love for all of their players to truly believe that winners never quit, but this sportsmanlike adage cannot be applied to gambling because, as mentioned above, the odds are consistently stacked against the player. We have already discussed setting a budget that you can afford to part ways with, so this tip is more to do with making sure that you stick to it.

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, Know when to walk away, know when to run.”

Additionally, though, players should have an understanding of when to walk away when they are winning. It’s easier to remove yourself from the casino when you’re out of luck, but when the luck is in and you’ve made yourself a tasty profit, this is where mind strength comes in. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend leaving on a high if you have doubled your original budget. You can’t say fairer than that!

6. Be careful with alcohol

An intoxicated system is an unreliable system. When you consume alcohol you lower your reaction time. General common sense can often go out of the window here as Dutch courage comes into play. Casino frequents will no doubt be familiar with the constant offerings of drinks to the table you are playing at, and these drinks are often free of charge.

Now, we aren’t saying don’t enjoy yourself. Far from it. The whole point of taking a trip to a casino is enjoyment and we completely understand that a beverage or two can contribute to that factor, but, know your limits and try not to consume an amount that affects your judgement. Plenty of the tips in this article revolve around a clear conscience. If you truly want to keep a track of your time and your money then we strongly advise keeping things sensible in the alcohol department.

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5. Keep the change

So you’ve had a payout and you’re stood there with your chips, or credit ticket. The next step is to, naturally, head on over to the cashier desk to exchange the tokens for the physical cash that you are owed. The helpful member of staff counts out the money right in front of your eyes, and you’ll most likely see them use the lowest available notes to pay you out.

They will pay you out in the lower denominations because with that comes fresh temptation to have one more go. What’s the harm in putting just one £5 note back in, right? And let’s face it, you will do, because casinos are built like mazes and you’ll have to pass a whole host of enticing lights, sounds and games on the way to the door.

So the tip here, really, is to keep a level head and head for the door one visiting the cashier.

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4. Watch out for any subtle hidden charges

For the benefit of beginners, it’s worth mentioning that slot machines have differing payout odds based on the level of stake per spin that you’re operating at. The payout can differ vastly depending on stake, but with so many distractions present in the casino environment, new players can often miss this and be left very disappointed with a low return on their investment.

Please digest every piece of information you can before playing slots games, they’re made to look simple but work complicated. In most US casinos you will find that slots have an internal jackpot system that pays a set amount, but a much higher payout may be linked externally. This amount can only be accessed, generally, if you play at the highest maximum stake.

We offer a play-for-free Spinroom where you can find out what the max pay outs on slots are, in a trial and error way.


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3. Systems are pointless

The only people who make mountains of money from gambling systems are the people who write the books about them. The stark truth here is that no system is going to play into your hand, because as we will go on to explain in the following point, there is simply nothing you can do to tip the odds in your favour.

If systems were as easy to implement as some of these so called strategists made out, surely casinos would have gone bust by now? Plus, do you seriously think the casino corporates aren’t reading these books to make sure they aren’t vulnerable to any strategies that might put the House at risk? They aren’t stupid.

No system will guarantee you a quick win. If you wanted to actually test one it would be an expensive experiment. Avoid them altogether, and focus on playing to a budget whilst having a bit of fun.

Here’s an example of just one betting system that has been debunked by the gambling community:


2. Understand the odds

Although this may seem like very straightforward, run-of-the-mill advice, it is quite amazing how many players, some of whom consider themselves semi-professional gamblers, live in a fantasy world where they believe they are out-playing the House. This is simply impossible. No matter what casino skill level you hold, or how many years of experience in gambling you have, the House will always hold the advantage over the player. It is a simple fact that has been established over centuries of gambling history. The fundamental concept that needs to be understood is this:

The odds are stacked in the favour of the House, but they are delicately poised to give players the occasional win as to keep them entertained and enthused. Having an understanding of these overwhelming odds means a savvy player can ‘cash out’ at the right time. Players can win in the short term, so don’t stick around to find out the consequences of long-term playing.



1. Keep an eye on your budget

We don’t want to appear to be banging on about the obvious, but in a casino environment people can quickly lose track of what is quite clearly the right thing to do. In a setting so full of temptation, we strongly advise players to keep regular tabs on the budget they have taken with them. Keeping a close eye on your win-loss ratio can help you to closely and clearly evaluate whether you are up or down during your time against the House.

If you have a quick check through your funds and realise that you are in fact beating the House at their own game, you can then reevaluate your stakes accordingly. In this event, we suggest lowering your stakes and playing for a simple enjoyment factor.